Kalaage is a platform for writers to not only share and upload their stories, articles, views, opinions, etc but to also get them published in various magazines/newspapers present on the platform.
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How it Works...

It is about getting printed in newspapers and magazines.

1Follow publications

Browse for publications of your interest and follow them, so you don't miss a chance whenever they are open for submission.


2Submit Article

Once a publication is open for submission, write on the topic tossed by the publication, and submit the article directly to the publication on Kalaage.

3Get Published

After you submit the article, the publication editors will accept/reject the article and they will also provide the expert review of the same. If the article gets accepted, it will get published.

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What is Kalaage?
Kalaage is first of all an intelligent social network for people to share their view, opinion, write-ups etc and get the same published in Magazines and newspapers also. In short, your article can get printed also.
Why call it an ‘Intelligent’ social network?
Well you see social network, though they are a blessing, are filled with people abusing and shouting in a not so good way. So, since what every you write or submit will be seen by magazines, authors, editors, etc and accordingly will get published, so the quality of content automatically improves. Of course there will still be people who will do what they are best at but only a handful.
So, whatever I share or upload, will get published?
Well not exactly, it depends on the magazine you subscribed and the quality of your content.
So, how does one get published?
Publishing on Kalaage depends on the magazine you have subscribed to. When any magazine opens itself for submissions, you will get a notification and then accordingly you can send article to them on Kalaage for their consideration. Based on the content and number of submissions they will select and on getting selected you will be notified of the same.
That’s easy then, I will subscribe to all the magazines and increase my chances.
Easy Tiger, you can not subscribe to all the magazines at once. Only 5 magazines per month are allowed.
Ok Boss, let’s say I got published, then what?
First of all, you are welcome to thank us for giving you an opportunity to become a published writer, the same could be sent at . There are still many fish in the sea, try for more.
No, what I meant was, what will I get?
Ohh.. that’s simple actually. Look at what the magazines offer to their contributors on getting published, different magazines offer different perks. Whatever the magazine, in which you got published, offers you will get the same.
That’s cool, but what do you guys get from it.
Let’s just say that we are a very spiritual team, we get inner peace!
But, what kind of article can I write, share, opinionate on?
Now that’s a brilliant question my friend. You can upload the following: Literary articles, poems, fiction, ect Socio-Political write-ups, open letter, view on the social issues, or anything you feel the right audience should now and it publishing worthy.
So Kalaage is basically a fancy word for publishing house right?
Oh Yes, if a publishing house selects random people and ask them to comment on the upcoming Salman Khan movie and promise to get the comment printed and published in 'The Hindu' newspaper, then sure, call us a publishing house. Btw, let us know in case you stumble upon such publication houses.
Ok, we got it. It is a social networking platform, but who all can join it?
Writers, people with opinion, authors, magazines, editors, journalists, publication houses etc. All the book worms on one place. We believe that the world was created by philosophers and thinkers and is been run by them and will continue to grow or degrade by their hands only.
Bro, I am sold, how do I start?
We got your back my friend. Just type and click on Sign-up. What happens next will blow your mind.
Very funny man, are there any charges for this?
We want to be the richest company in the world, but like Mr.Putin, we want to do so by collecting emotions. That’s why we are free as hell.
That is brilliant, where can I connect with you guys if I need any help?
Thank god we are no BATMAN, it’s very easy to find us –