Sara Khan. I'm a dreamer; not day dreamer though :) . I love to eat, eat and repeat, and that's what I write about on my food blog, Foodeez Junction.

Tell us something about yourself and what you Blog about?

I'm a dreamer; not day dreamer though :) . I love to eat, eat and repeat, and that's what I write about on my food blog, Foodeez Junction.

What made you blog in the first place?

Food is always the first thing I could think of in happiness or sadness. I've always been a fan of good and tasty food. When I moved to Hyderabad, I was always looking up to someone who could share authentic recipes or tell me about the local food joints famous in nearby areas. So I thought why not start of something on my own, where I could help my foodie friends.

Tell us about your blog, in detail, and the journey of starting it.

"The idea of starting my food blog was always there on mind. After quitting my job in Hyderabad, I had to do something to keep me occupied, and what is better than what you are passionate about? So I started doing research on how tos and then launched my blog in February, 2016. Before launching it publicly, I had shared the blog design and the idea with my close friends. Their feedback helped me a lot. Foodeez Junction is all about food. Recipes, restaurant reviews, food product reviews, cookbook reviews, interviews, food travel story, and everything you can think of food, you will find on my blog. If not today then may be tomorrow. I'm slowly developing it."

Where do you get your ideas from?

For recipes, it's always what we make at home; for restaurants, I visit them quite often and so I write reviews.

Which platform works the best for you and why?

This was the question that delayed the launch of my blog from two months. I was confused on choosing between Wordpress and BlogSpot. I researched and also asked the pros and cons of both the platforms from my blogger friends, they voted for Wordpress. And, now, I am thankful for my decision. Wordpress has number of template designs and it's CMS is user-friendly.

What problems do you face as a blogger?

As a blogger it always feels to see your blog traffic growing. But you take a day off and the traffic goes down. Blogging requires constant background work and time. You have to dedicate a few hours daily to step up to another level. Secondly, there is always a fear of someone stealing your hard work without any compensation.

Since when are you Blogging and how did you start with it? Did you face problems setting it up?

I'm blogging since 2008 but my food blog is just a year old. I started it in February 2016. Having a career in digital media was one of the perks. I knew most of the things, at least the basic ones. But before I started my blog, I started reading a lot because just writing about anything isn't enough. I had joined blogging groups so if there was a problem, I would reach out to them and I still follow this practice.