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Raindrops (Navniit Gandhi)


‘Raindrops’ is a collection of 19 true, usual and unusual stories of Love. The stories transform the reader into a world —where pure and tender droplets of rain fall on a parched heart and soothe it amazingly. Written very simply, the stories are short but intense and profoundly reflect the varying hues of love.

Wild Card (Asfiya Rahman)


Karan Mehrotra thinks he has it all. He is about to marry the love of his life, Riya and is on his way to win at Wimbledon, fulfilling a childhood dream of his. However destiny has other plans for him and he is forced to put aside his dreams when life throws a wild card at him. Eight years later destiny coyly lays another opportunity in front of him. Does he finally get another chance to fulfill his childhood dream or will he let his fear stop him from taking up the challenge? Find out how a tennis champion is forced to step away from his fame into obscurity and how a bossy little girl forces him to take up one of the hardest challenges of his life and face the life he had left behind.

Docile No More (Tina J)


The anthology entitled "Docile No More" can be seen as my expression of my perceptions about life. The book contains my experiments with form as well as my varied attitude to life in the poems.

Bharat : Man who built a Nation (Dr.Vineet Aggarwal)


Bharata - The Man who built a Nation, is the story of the man who changed the destiny of our country and gave it a brand new name - BhArat. He was the son of Dushyant and Shakuntala, the grandson of Brahmarishi Vishwamitra and the cousin of Lord Parshu-Raam.

The Girl (Nikita Singh)


The girl is about the struggles that girls face in day to day life, the society 's mind and the attitude of girls to believe in themselves. Through this book we have tried to bring a change in society.

Myra (Kalgee Shah)


MYRA - a fictional romance. It isn't exactly my story but it is the story fulfilling the emotional accuracy that is lacking in my life. MYRA has three important characters - female protagonist - MYRA, a male protagonists - MARK and NEIL. The story may not be different but it is unique in its own way. It has tons of emotions - love, friendship, hatred, anger, and a bit of jealousy as well.

The Children of the Immortal (KP Varma)


By K P Varma "Who is a Hindu?" This question mystifies both Hindus and non-Hindus around the world. Many Hindus, having lived in cosmopolitan cities across the globe, have not been brought up in a traditional Hindu society and are often at a loss to comprehend and describe their own identity. Their claim to being Hindu rests solely on their birth in a Hindu household.

All That Is Unseen (Sahil Bhambri)


It's a fiction having psychological events, and the main theme revolves around 'what you see is not always what it seems like, there's a different between life and fiction, crossed by illusion, and the game it plays with our conscious. Other themes are romantic, suspense, artistic.

Startups and Beyond: Building Enduring Organizations (Ajay Batra)


The purpose of this book is to help startup founders and business executives succeed: founders at all stages of taking their idea to fruition and executives at varying stages of leading and growing their organizations. In a volatile business environment plagued with hyper-competition, discover how select startups like AirBnB and Ola scale and become dominating forces, while others languish or fade into oblivion. Also, observe how some large enterprises, like Google and General Electric, continue to innovate and grow, while others, like Nokia and Eastman Kodak, stagnate or falter in challenging times.

Terracotta Dreams (Monalisa Joshi)


Terracotta Dreams’ has been written in an intriguing and captivating way which after reading will make you fall in love with the poems as well as with the poet.

The Leader (NS Ravi)


A fiction inspired by the famous ‘Textile Strike of 1982’in Bombay.The city with a population of five million practically lost a whole industry and more than 70 factories. 250 thousand families lose employment and livelihood of 1 Million or 20 percent of city’s population got affected.

Freigeist… An Unfettered Soul… (Dr. Bineesh Balakrishnan)


Reading changes our very state of existence in a trice. Sometimes words sink deep into our souls, & heal us in more ways than one. This book 'Freigeist'( German word meaning 'Free spirit') is a compilation of rock songs, micropoetry, quotes, short stories & random thoughts. The book has been divided into sections, but you can always jump from one to the other, or start off reading from any particular section, if that suits you.

The Indian Chaplin (Mr. Harshwardhan Patil)


THE INDIAN CHAPLIN is a story of an iconic legend Rudved Suryavanshi in stage theater industry famous for mime and replicates of Chaplin, who made people laugh despite a struggle in his personal life.

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