Ajit Panicker. An author by passion with two bestselling titles to my credit in fiction and the non-fiction genre, I love human interactions and the art of relationship making. Professionally I am a motivational speaker, trainer and a life coach. My corporate experience spans 15 years in the tourism, automobile, banking, financial services, real estate and the consumer electronics industry. I am a blogger and a hyper active online social networker too. Born a mallu, reared a nawab, exploring the human I am. I get really passionate about whatever I do. I love connecting with the early morning birds while jogging. My life statement is that, ‘There’s only one thing that can get ahead of you, and that’s you.’

Author of My School "My Father" & I think I know you...Karunya, Do I?

Who/What inspired you to write and what was your first writing about?

I actually never thought I would be a writer. Never planned so. Though, being such a voracious reader, I had always wanted to pen down my thoughts one day. Then circumstances in my life, provided me an opportunity in 2010. And the journey began. My first piece of creation was basically a blog which i wrote as a series of conversations between a father and a son. The blog was 'Conversation between Mr. Nair and his son Prashantan' which later culminated to take the form of a book. The book was then titled as My School " My Father". It was my experiences as a son with my father and the experiences I had witnessed between other parents-children relationships, while growing up. If you ask me what inspiration, it was actually not an inspiration but channelizing which i did with all the negative energy i had amassed. I was laid off from an organization as part of the mass exodus; the excuse being the age old ‘Cost- Cutting’ drives. Left with no work to do, I got back to my books, which made me from being just a voracious reader into an author.

What is more important to an author - getting readers or getting money?

Let me not give you a politically correct Miss India answer. Of course the readers. Money follows. It actually follows for any passion you drive yourself with. If you have seen that iconic movie, '3 idiots', Shri Shri Baba Ranchoddas Sahamaldas Chanchad preaches (laughingly), "Don't run behind success, try to better your abilities because if you become capable, success would come running behind you" So for me the rule is , "Follow your passion. Here it is , Write..write your heart out. Put all the energy you have in creating it, into a masterpiece."

Have you ever had a writers' block? How did you deal with it?

Won't say it as a writer's block but yes when i retire to boredom after being with words for a little too long, i do some other chore. And then come back with full vigour again after refreshing myself. I listen to songs i love, read the writers i don't usually read or just play with my kiddos. If nothing available, may be get into a small teasing fight with my half, my better half, my wifee. If just in case some writer gets into this, so traumatized 'Writer's block' get into some other creative mode. May be just watch a you tube video or a movie or just peep out of your balcony and try drawing the creativity from the mother nature.

How do you think digital and print binary are affecting the publishing world for young authors?

In my opinion, the mix of digital and print is going to take the publishing world to heights. The industry would no more be run under the whims and fancies of the traditional publishing diktats because the digital publishing is going to keep it rationalized all the time. Neither would the digital publishing be able to go all alone anytime in the future because this human race would never be able to come out of the crispiness and the fresh smell of the paperback books. Most, even today want to curl up the book and sleep with them, because for them it works more like a sleeping pill.

What do you think makes a book sell, or makes a reader buy it?

A book sells by its story line. The author should weave the story in a way, as to make the reader turn the page one more time, as he is just about to hang up for the time being. I mean it should get all the more interesting as it moves ahead.

What all did you do to market your book from your side?

Digital marketing has been the key marketing strategy. Word of mouth, doing book reading sessions at local book stores and getting into various Author, Poet or Literary groups, both offline and online.

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