Damini Aggarwal. After completing my education in Commerce, I decided to take up laws as my career which tempted me in all ways to bring mandatory changes in society. I have co-authored almost eight national anthologies (a collection of stories & poem) & magazines in the past three years and recently launched my novel “What’s Your Story, Stranger?” When I was pursuing my graduation, I started a Delhi Publishing House named ‘Damick Publications’ as well a writing platform named ‘Literary Fairy Tales’ which publishes limited edition books and Digital Magazines to be an aid for young and budding writers and their skills.

Author of What’s Your Story, Stranger?

Tell us something about yourself and when did you first realize you want to be a writer?

The idea of writing came to me three years back when I started penning down my thoughts and ideas on my blog. The only reason behind resorting to writing online was the growth & ease in the use of technology and its reach. I opened an account on blogspot.in and used to post weekly which gained a good appreciation and resulted in motivating me to continue writing and grow my circle. I came across several writing contests and participating in those further boosted me and helped me improve my writing skills. I believe that writing is something that can take our imagination anywhere. A pen and a dream have the power to take us places exploring our limits. Also, through writing, we can easily achieve the aim of bringing a change in the mindset of an individual. The thought of working for society lead me to choose writing as a source to do so.

Tell us about your book that you have written and published.

Sometimes we choose a path but see ourselves walking on another. Unexpectedly we are forced to accept it because destiny is the most uncertain evil of our dreams. Bani, a young, smart, and a small town yet an ambitious girl carries a charm to tempt anyone towards her. She aims to join Journalism Institute in Delhi at first but ended up joining the law school as her second choice. Life seemed to be crueler when it took away her father. Vasu, a good-looking, enthusiastic and a brave advocate who never failed to crack even the toxic cases, lost his wife, Meera in some conspiracy and started losing faith in life until he met Bani. A few months later, as an assistant under Vasu, Bani decided to work upon Meera’s case which co-incidentally brought Bani and Aayan, Bani’s lost love together, again twisting the lives of all three. Revolving across three cities, the story weaving paralleled lives is an intriguing account of twists and turns. ‘What’s Your Story, Stranger?’ is a refreshing heartfelt tale of faith, hope, determination, friendship and courage. This inspiring love-mystery tale thus redefines our beliefs in life as stories move us and drive us to what we can really become in life despite losses, failures, and setbacks.

What made you write on this topic?

Society, Social Dogmas, Unfulfilled Dreams, Stereotypes, Failures and more inspired me to write about something that might help people get acquainted with reality and step up for their dreams with courage. My novel teaches us to be adamant and inspired towards life.

Name one thing you learned while creating your book.


After this, are there any plans for your next book. If yes, then on what topic will it be?

Yes, it will be an Inspirational story.

Please share the link of any of your book(s)


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