Gaurav Sharma. I'm a mathematics teacher by profession and a writer by passion.


Tell us something about yourself and when did you first realize you want to be a writer?

I penned my first poem when I was eight. When I showed it to my father, he was elated. Next day, he gave me a couplet and asked to stretch it into a poem. That was the beginning. However, it just remained a hobby. When my father left for heavenly abode in 2007, I decided to write a novel as a tribute to him. I took four years to finish it. It was published in 2013 and unfortunately, by then, my mother too, had left us. I owe this to my father. He will ever be the best friend life gave me.

Tell us about your book that you have written and published.

I have written four books until now. LOVE @ AIR FORCE was my debut novel which is a story on the backdrop of Air Force and highlights the rank discrimination in the armed forces. RAPESCARS.. is the story of an unusual revenge of a rape survivor. DAWN AT DUSK is a May-December love story of a younger man and older woman and how love helps a person to evolve. UNBUDGETED INNOCENCE is an anthology of children's stories. Currently, I'm about to submit my next novel. It is the story that tries to bring out the painful dirty secrets of private schools.

What made you write on this topic?

I've been a teacher for the larger part of my life and have seen it all very closely. Lately, we get to hear the untoward incidents in schools frequently. As a writer and a part of the society, I feel worried. I believe, books can help in making the society more vigilant and responsible.

Name one thing you learned while creating your book.

You learn something every day. However, while writing this book, I learnt that appearances, social status and even deeds are beguiling and elusive. Only by proximity and interaction you can know how filthy and dirty a life can be. Also, all success stories are not inspiring.

After this, are there any plans for your next book. If yes, then on what topic will it be?

I yearn to write a solo anthology of Hindi stories and it is getting intense day by day. Hopefully, I will start working on it soon.

Please share the link of any of your book(s)

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