Gaurav Sharma. Author | Novelist. Unlike most of the ‘authors’ out there, I don't ignore messages and emails I receive from random people. I am a good guy and can be reached at and Drop me a line! Trust me, it won’t hurt.

Author of Gone are the Days

Who/What inspired you to write and what was your first writing about?

The struggle of my fellow class mates in the college inspired me to write my first textbook at the age of 19 when I was in the first semester of Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication programme in GGSIP University, New Delhi. The book titled Design & Graphics Redefined and was related to graphic designing. I was good in studies back then and wanted to write something that could help my juniors and friends score good marks in university exams. After that, I wrote two more textbooks viz. Photography Redefined and Development and Communication Morphosis. And then after finishing my college, I decided not to pursue textbooks anymore. It was then when Gone are the Days, an autobiographical fiction was created in 2016.

What is more important to an author - getting readers or getting money?

Obviously! Getting readers. If you want to get money, become a businessman. Moreover, getting readers will ultimately get an author money (a lot of it).

Have you ever had a writers' block? How did you deal with it?

Many times. I don't know if there is any writer who never had a writer's block. In order to break the block, I often write notes on a paper and then connect and reconnect them with each other in my mind until it makes perfect sense. This creates a storyline and helps me proceed with my idea.

How do you think digital and print binary are affecting the publishing world for young authors?

Digital and print media are playing a vital role in the publishing industry. The amalgamation of both channels is likely to produce better and optimised results for young authors and their audience. Some prefer digital books over printed ones while others still cherish the joy of holding a book in their hands and flipping through its pages. Also, print and digital binary potentially maximise the reach of an author.

What do you think makes a book sell, or makes a reader buy it?

They say don't judge a book by its cover. But in today's world, I think, the cover page of a book has a major say in sales. It allures the reader to at least pick up the book and gloss over its contents. Another big factor is book reviews from notable media or personalities. Readers would rather spend their money on a book which has been positively covered in media than a book which is completely unknown to them. Besides, there are many other factors like the content of the book, personal choice, distribution & marketing that make a reader buy a book.

What all did you do to market your book from your side?

I used social media and word of mouth primarily. I tried email marketing but it didn't work out for me then. However, I shall modify my strategies this time as I will be coming up with my second novel and fifth book overall which is a historical fiction.

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