Komal Gupta. Komal is a poet and writer and she writes under the pen name of @tejaswiniaura. She is an avid reader, traveller and blogger, with a penchant for the extraordinary and mundane aspects of life.She can be found looking for words in her imagination and jotting them down, whether quirky, funny or serious. Coffee lover, daydreamer, part time philosopher, Montessori trainer, writing to her is a journey of defining emotions and experiences, a passion too. A keen observer of life, words to her are an extension of perceptions and so her new poetry book comes about “OF SILHOUETTE WORDS & MOONFLOWERS”. This book is available on Amazon in paperback and ebook on Kindle. Available on Flipkart, Smashwords too.


Tell us something about yourself and when did you first realize you want to be a writer?

I am a writer poet. I believe that creativity is a sublime zone, whose entrance is guarded by the whims of emotions, so frail in the dust storms of life. Reality invades to be turned upside. In words, art and design. Hidden from view but at the heart of it all. Poetry is voice of the silences we are surrounded by. A Word whisperer, a Pied piper of errant lines is what I am. I have always been an avid reader since childhood and a prolific writer poet from the past 5 years.I started my writing journey on Wattpad, writing poetry.The response was amazing and encouraged by it, went on to publish my first poetry book.I am active on many other sites too and enjoy the creative process. The creative process is for me, to write about, the space we occupy in the scheme of things, the things we are surrounded in, our immediate environment and a searching look at oneself as the centre point of existence. Words come from these things, be it prose or poetry.

Tell us about your book that you have written and published.

“Of Silhouettes, Words & Moon flowers” explores life silhouetted in expression, existence and experience. The Silhouettes are us, beings of day and night , so succinctly described by Zara Ventris. “I am the child of the Moon, being raised by the Sun, in a world walked by the stars and a sky drawn with flowers”. Words, are eternal voyagers in time, bearing our feelings and emotions, steadfast in their loyalty to us. Moon flowers are known to glow just like the full moon, they hold the meaning of the mysteries of the intuition, the mystical movement of the stars and moon, and are symbols of delicate femininity. There are five themes in this book. Paper Boat Trails seeks to highlight the fascination and delight paper boats evoke with earthy metaphors endeavouring to look beyond the mists of reality. There is a hearty welcome awaiting in my imaginary land, In The Land of “Things to Write” which talks about in as many poetic words, the writer’s block, stories of letters, the frustrations and joys of writing. Words Are Me is an effort to bring out the light, joyful and sombre side of us. Then there is the dark side of life, The Grey Twilight, that seeks to explore the other world and its shadowy undertones. I have taken up Time as a theme to portray it’s permanence in our existence and the myriad ways it shows up in our lives.

What made you write on this topic?

Poetry connects words with hearts and is the fire that masks the storm within. Each person relates to the words in a different way, as E.E Cummings has said “The poems to come are for you and me”. These poetry works are an attempt to showcase fascinating hues of life with humor, truth and understanding. My poetry book, seeks to enthuse thoughts and emotions, being forged from a woman’s perspective on life and love, with silhouettes of words, interspersed with the magical light of the elements as symbolised by the moon flowers. It is this thread of magic interwoven in our lives that makes us search for our own stars walking in moon dust and star sun shine painted a little in the glow of moonflower blooms for all of us are in the playgrounds of grief and joy. Komal Gupta.

Name one thing you learned while creating your book.

It is to trust the creative process,the words are there waiting to be written. One learns a lot about oneself too, it is a search for happiness, fulfillment and last but not least, inspiration is everywhere!

After this, are there any plans for your next book. If yes, then on what topic will it be?

Yes, I plan to bring out a second book soon. A children's poetry book or story book maybe. The future is to unfold !

Please share the link of any of your book(s)

https://www.amazon.in/Silhouette-Words-Moonflowers-Komal-Gupta/dp/9386407566 https://www.amazon.in/Silhouette-Words-Moonflowers-Komal-Gupta-ebook/dp/B073TTXP24/ https://www.flipkart.com/silhouettes-words-moonflowers/ https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/735342

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