Abhicarya is an initiative coming as a rescue for local Indian artisans: Pankaj Chaudhary(Founder)
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Since Indus valley civilization to the 18th century A.D., Indian handicrafts have evolved to high levels of excellence and skill. Craft traditions became a vital part of the lifestyle of the individuals of India. Some handicrafts became the personality of the folks as the caste system in India earmarked some handicrafts to certain castes. The individuals of these castes worked hard to put the innovation and creativeness into the handicrafts as this was the solitary means for their sustenance. This facet contributed in the affluence of the crafts. New methods were evolved to fortify the likeness of the handicrafts in the eyes of their customers. The story of arts and crafts of India is long and attention-grabbing. This saga treads past through thousands of years to the millions of square kilometers of region. Indian handicrafts traditions have rotated around some particular factors like spiritual beliefs, local requirements of commoners, local requirements of the patrons and royalty and a special emphasis on domestic and foreign trade.

However, in the past, the condition of local Indian artisans was considered to be in a deteriorating spiral. They work tirelessly for only a small price that they get for their merchandises. Not a lot is done to improve the conditions for these artistes.

However, some thoughtful folks like Pankaj Chaudhary (Founder & CEO) belongs to Gorakhpur,Uttar Pradesh come to the rescue of such people for helping the hard-working countryside artisans of India and improving their living condition. He has been efficaciously aiding via his organization i.e. Abhicarya, to support these underprivileged artisans living in quite a lot of portions of rural India.

Abhicarya was born to offer high performance plus low cost to concurrently push the top & bottom lines and make the most of margins. At Abhicarya, we assist the businesses to grow and magnify by helping your pitch your business by offering services of ecommerce, internet marketing, website and app development, etc. Abhicarya is having exceptional idea to pave ways to encourage rural artisans. The founder Pankaj Chaudhary says “As I have many more years of involvement in E-commerce and I better know we sell the merchandises online with profits, but the key source are artisans who all are not getting the worth for their hard work.” Abhicarya’s axiom is creating value for India handicrafts and craftsmen who are typically overlooked in the commercial field to give a platform to enter into the world of displaying handicraft products to the domestic as well as global market. Abhicarya is headed up with the intense objective to offer economic upliftment of the artisans that are involved in conserving the heritage of the handicrafts industry in India. Mr. Pankaj wants Abhicarya to be a stage where they can give deserving and worthy return to the artisans, so they can overcome with middle-class livelihood and enrich there future consequently.

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